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I’m writing this blog for those bisexual readers that have yet to make love to a woman, but dream of the day. I’ve noticed there are quite a few of us baby bi-girls reading Bliss Warrior that are new in figuring out our complex sexualities. If you are anything like me, you are thoroughly enjoying the learning curve. Especially those sharp turns like becoming the bi-girl you want to meet. Meet being the key word.

Maybe, like myself, you are in love with a man that supports your courageous decision to live life openly. I am enjoying this new freeness and openness with my man. It has brought our relationship to a new level of intensity and desire. I fully enjoy admiring women with him and sharing our fantasies. Honesty is extremely sexy. It turns me on like crazy.

Maybe you’re single and looking for that lover wherever the universe is leading you to finding her or him or both. There is no one type of bi-girl. Wherever you’re at in life, your bisexuality should be exciting and empowering and radiate off of your soft glowing skin at home and in public. I am radiating myself and feel compelled to share this journey with all you dynamic bliss warriors.

I have the BW blog to thank for my coming out. I do not mind a bit telling my friends the truth anymore. It’s like my new magic power. I say things that make both sexes blush and come out of their shells. I was never a big fan of small talk!

I will use this blog to give you a little background in growing up loving girls, because that’s always fun and insightful. Talking and hearing about our childhood girlfriends is sweet and reminds us all of how innocent and pure love really is.

I believe if I ever were such a thing as bi-curious it started at a very young age and I grew into bisexuality. I think adding the word curious to the title is unnecessary. We are all inherently curious. I believe even the straight girls are bi “curious”. That’s just me, feel free to disagree. I may not have ever “been” with a girl sexually, but I know that I’m attracted to women and always will be. When I speak about my bi virginity, I am speaking about it from the adult perspective. I had plenty of action as a young girl, but none as an adult.

I will write about the now: the flirting, the fantasies, and the realities (which can sometimes be irritating). I’ll let you in on all the details of my pursuit of losing my bisexual virginity! I’ll be blogging about my search for a lover that fits like a puzzle piece. A lover that will be as comfortable with me and my man as he and I are together. A girl that wants me to write to her, about her. So that she can have it to read over and over whenever she needs to hear it. A girl that gives back and doesn’t shy away from the truth no matter what it may be.

I want sexy in whatever form it takes! Sexiness comes when you OWN IT! I look for girls who don’t really give care about what you may or may not be thinking about them. They’re simply hot and they know it. I love clever, charming, funny women that laugh loud and often. I love women who love women. That’s why I want to share in the BW community because you all know what I’m talking about. Can I get an amen?

It must have all started when I was five. Sounds about right. Her last name was Ham. She used to chase me around the sitter’s house trying to “teach me how to french kiss”. I let her a few times. Gave her some freebies, but she wasn’t my type. She pissed me off mostly. She may have been my first kiss, but I can’t really remember. I do know that I got a lot of action when I was five.

My best friend was Emily. I never kissed her. She was my innocent, fragile friend that I handled with care. She was very churchy. Even more so than I was at that age which was tough to be. Jesus was my boy! Emily was my girl, but I played too rough for her. We had some fun times, but third grade came along and changed it all. We started at the elementary school across town: new playground, new places to hide and seek, new teachers, and new best friends.

That was when Leah came into my life.

Leah had a best friend, too, named Deedee. Deedee and Leah kicked it like Emily and I. They had a bond, an agreement and were “best friends”. Being “best friends” at that age meant something — something sacred.

Shortly after meeting, Leah and I started passing notes, telling secrets, talking on the phone, walking to each other’s house after school, and walking to school together. And, we knew what it meant. It meant that Leah and I had become best friends. In order to carry on properly, it was only fair for us to tell Emily and Deedee what was going on. We talked about it, planned it out, wrote our notes, and handed them off to our soon to be ex-best friends.

It was on! She lived a couple blocks from me. We were crazy bike riders and spent days and nights together. Doing homework, fighting with her brother and his friends, playing nintendo, and feeling up our bodies and all the changes they were going through as the years went by. We called our new pubic hair, peach fuzz. We called our new boobies, mosquito bites. Those mosquito bites seem to grow overnight in the puberty years. We would give each other massages as a way to touch each other’s new breasts. I’ll never forget it and it still turns me on.

Once upon a time, on Leah’s mother’s bed, Leah and I exchanged massages. Leah got the first massage. I put lotion all over her back and started rubbing out two circles over her shoulder blades while my thumbs slipped up her spine. Admiring her body and melting in my panties, my face was red and she was smiling. I started moving my hand under her arms. Inching my way towards her little breasts, not believing that I was actually going for it — and, unexpectedly, she cut me off.

“Your turn!” she said. I wasn’t really done, but I knew she wasn’t ending it so I smiled big and flopped down in front of her. On my stomach still, because we were “giving massages”, she squirted the lotion all over my back and began to rub me down. She glided her lotion soaked hands right under my arms. She got me nice and slippery and then slipped her hands further down and over my nipples as I rose up off the bed to give her room. She massaged my breasts and squeezed my nipples. She brought her hands back up to my back and asked me how it felt. I said, “It tickled,” and she reached down immediately to grab them again. I lifted up again and my ass pushed into her lap and I could feel her warmth from behind. Mmmmm… Leah was in control, making my shy self incredibly comfortable.

Our relationship was rocky though because she had another friend that she spent a lot of time with. I was so jealous of that girl. The last time she and I hooked up came in 7th grade at the movie theater. Leah and I had joked about having a real date. Going to the movies…together…as a couple. I think we even told our mothers that was what we were doing, but they just thought we were being silly like usual. But no. We sat in the back, held hands, rubbed each others arms, until we couldn’t hold it anymore and we turned to each other and kissed. Stopped, looked at each other, then french kissed like mad. Grabbing each other’s hair, breasts, face. We were both a little advanced in our kissing and making out. Then she startled me. She got out of her seat and crouched down in front of me and spread my legs apart and unzipped my jeans and ran her hands down my chest and into my unzipped jeans and then……….I freaked a little. I think it was the reality of being in a theater that did it for me. I wanted her so bad, but I chickened out. I made her stop. She said she understood and we finished out the movie holding hands both unsatisfied. I think it pissed her off a little. We were never the same. That was my last experience with a girl sadly enough. I’ve had plenty of crushes, but never any action.

I think these type of experiences mean something. A LOT of little girls have these type of experiences.

Have you had similar experiences?
Do you feel those experiences were your first bisexual ones?

I remember it all as the beginning. I feel that sex with a woman does not make you bisexual, the desire to be with a woman does.

Until the next time, I will still be searching for the girl who is the one.


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adriana February 13, 2008 at 5:04 pm



Vela-Marie February 13, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Wow! Here’s that “Amen!” that you were asking for. This was aperfect read right now when I should be finishing up work for the day. That was so crystalline and nostalgic and deliciously engaging. Bravo! can’t wait to read more. Yay!


shananigans February 13, 2008 at 5:05 pm

I can relate on so many levels…thanks for sharing!


Cassandrah Scarpaw February 13, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Amen sister! I really dig the bit about honesty. So bloody sexy I can hardly contain myself at a truly honest partner. Preach on, milady, preach on!



Little Raven February 13, 2008 at 8:17 pm



Bettie Mercury February 13, 2008 at 8:29 pm

I definatly relate! Only now that I am older and wiser I have embraced the wonderful thing that is “bi”. You hear gay all growing up and that is a bit confusing to a young person trying to figure out just where in the world you “fit”. I thought I must be gay if the thought of being with another girl get’s me going, but then what happens when you fall in love and are with a man? It took many years to figure out that love is love and sexy is sexy…..no matter pink or blue!


Teresa February 13, 2008 at 10:56 pm

Wow, really hot. It seems bisexual do explore their lives in this way. Well, i was introduced by one of my friend on the bisexual dating site (bimingle.com). She said this video is much better than the one on the youtube. That’s right.


socks in MA hands February 14, 2008 at 4:57 pm



Leah February 17, 2008 at 12:54 pm

Definitly hits home…. ;)


Dinora May 22, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Woah. No Amen; Sorry. Buht in dee Bible it
saidss dhat God so dissaprovess of dhiss
iMean yhu ppl live yhur life how yhu want
tew buht don’t forget; God madee yhur lifee.
Yhu chose tew behh of such orientation.
iGo out wiff a girl right now for 3monthss.
&&Wow. she ishh muhh lovee. muhh erythin’
dee sexiiest babee i’ve ever met. she mayy
not behh girlyy or tew tomboy[ish] buht idk
know whut she did tew mehh dhat made mehh fall
truly in lovee. forever herss iwanna behh even
if i’m not bi. buht if i’d have tew say iam
bi tew keep hur dhen iwouldd. <3


Jungle Jane May 25, 2009 at 7:37 pm

Dearest Dinora,
Could you please provide the scripture from dee Bible that says God disapproves of women making sweet love to women? My grandparents are ministers and my father is a preacher. I have read dee Bible and have not found any scripture that says women loving women is wrong. This particular blog actually recounts my sweet and innocent love affair at 12 years old with my best little 12 year old girlfriend. At 12 years old, I do not feel like I was making a choice to be of ANY sexual orientation. I was just doing what came natural. As a Christian, I just cannot see how that could be a sin. In my humble opinion, it certainly does deserve an Amen! or aaaahh Lady! I do sometimes wonder about God’s gender. I know the term is ‘Father God’, but where does Mother Nature fit in? I do feel that she is all too often left out.
As far as you and your ‘sexy babee’ that you fell ‘truly in lovee’ with…Congratulations, good luck, and may God bless you both!

with love, Junlge Jane


Dinora May 26, 2009 at 11:31 am

Ohkayy Jungle Janee. iWill find it in dee bible&&when iDo iWill send it tew yhuu.
&&iAm catholicc buht becomin’ christian thankss tew myy peerss &&they have
told mehh this is whut God saidss. because dhere is a reason whyy God made Adam & Eva. Yet; iUnderstand your point and yhur storiess have truly touched mehh; yes indeed but they give me like this feelingg that makess me not suree what iAm doingg with a girl. but thankss anywayss(:


Jungle Jane May 26, 2009 at 8:19 pm

Darling Dinora,
I am truly flattered that my stories touched you. Thank you so much for reading.
I want you to know that I battled this Bible business regarding sexuality A LOT growing up. Am I gay or straight or what the hell? Does this mean I’m going to hell? But I’m a good, loving, caring, person and I believe in God so I shouldn’t go to hell. It was a torturous mental debate that kept me ‘in the closet’ until I was 25 years old. All I ever heard was that homosexuality is an abomination. Let me tell you this Dinora: It is all hearsay. Please go and find that scripture yourself and PLEASE post that scripture to this blog as a comment. I would love to start a dialogue that dissects that scripture because you are not the only woman (or man) debating this subject. In fact, the entire nation is right now when considering gay marriage. Don’t rely on people’s opinions or interpretations to shape who you are as a spiritual human. You are beautiful and loving the same sex is NOT a sin.

with love,
Jungle Jane

to be continued…..


vanessa October 5, 2009 at 11:09 am

i dnt believe dat bein bi is wrong i think dat peple should not be judged on which sex they lik its dere choice and up to no one to judge any bodii about it. i hav a friend who is by but she is twelve nd i couldnt care less nd i dnt eva judge her bout it. i let her do wateva she believes is rite


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