by Miss Bliss

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It is late, later than you normally go out, but you didn’t want to arrive early. Walking through velvet curtains, you walk slowly behind your man, letting him protect you as you adjust to the dim lighting. Music blasts and as your eyes adjust to the darkness, you begin to see the shapes of people dancing.

“Maybe we should go,” you say. Entering a roomful of strangers makes you anxious, and your heart beats faster.

He turns to face you and pulls you close to him. “Everything’s fine. I will protect you. No one will come near you.” You hug him back and feel safer. He leads you past the group of fifty or so dancers and you keep your eyes on him. You have never felt so shy.

The two of you slip into a velvet booth with a candlelit table. This is your first time at a sex party and you are exited and scared. Excited, because you have never really met other bisexual women, but scared, because you are young – only 22 – and have no idea what to expect.

He pours the wine you brought and you drink a little too fast, as your eyes take in the scene. The party has been going on for hours and you are shocked by how many girls are partially dressed or completely nude. Some of them are so pretty you wonder if you belong there. One tall brunette wears a beaded corset with garters and your become fixated on her beauty. Three girls are dancing with her, all obviously attracted to her olive skin and deep, black eyes lined in gold glitter.

“She’s gorgeous. You have great taste,” says your man.

“She’s ridiculous,” you say. “Too perfect for me.”

“Now who’s being ridiculous,” he asks. “There is no girl here prettier than you.”

You smile at him but cannot believe his words. Small and petite, curvy and femme, you know you are pretty – but not drop dead gorgeous like the brunette.

He fills your wine glass a second time and again, you drink fast; wanting to be drunk, wanting the edges to blur just a little, wanting to feel like you belong with the beautiful girls.

“She just looked at you.”

“She did,” you ask, but cannot get yourself to look over at her. “Are you sure?”

“She just did again! You should look back at her and smile.”

You look up and catch her eye. She smiles and you turn away immediately. Foolish and immature, you feel like a fifth grader. He kisses your cheek and you smile again. The mixture of alcohol and the smell of his sweet skin relax you and make you feel a bit more courageous.

This time you look at her as she dances with the girls around her. You wait – admiring her beauty – and then, once more, she turns and looks right at you. This time you smile first and she waves a small hello. Under the table, he squeezes your hand proudly.

You are about to wave back, when a couple interrupts you. “Hello,” says the guy, an ordinary looking 30ish man with his nervous wife trailing slightly behind him. “I’m Greg and this is Meg.” She waves hi. “Can we join you,” he asks and you want to say no, you want to say you were just going to get a drink, but before a word gets out the two of them have joined you in the booth.

“Is this your first time,” asks Meg, who looks a lot like a substitute teacher. Wide-eyed and witless, she says, “We haven’t seen you here before and some newbies need a warm welcome. We’ve given lots of new couples a tour of the place. Introduce them to some of the regulars. Would you like that? We could give you a tour of the back room.”

The back room? Nothing sounds more scary or revolting and you worry the brunette may see the four of you together and think you are already negotiating terms for sexual play. Reading your mind, your boyfriend comes to your rescue and says, “I hate to be rude, but we were just going to use the bathroom….”

“Oh, that’s okay,” says Greg, immediately understanding their offer has been gently turned down.

“Pleasure to meet you,” you say, as you escape the booth. You try not to let your mind imagine what these two have done at other parties. The picture is not pretty and you chase it out of your mind as he leads you to the restrooms.

There are two unisex bathrooms and a long line that the two of you join. As you approach the end of the line you are delighted to see that at the very end of the line is someone you recognize: the brunette. Only, this time, she is alone with a rather obvious space between her and the naked round man in line in front of her.

He makes sure you are next in line behind her and you notice your heart racing again. She turns and flashes that brilliant smile again. You smile back and you maintain eye contact for a few seconds. Never have you been so close to such a warm, beautiful girl and known she was into girls.

She leans down so her lips are close to your ears and asks in the sexiest voice you’ve ever heard, “What is your name?”

You turn and say your name and she says, “Your name is as lovely as you are. My name is boring.” She tells you her name.

Her name is boring so you say – feeling high on the attention and the rapidly drunk wine – “May I call you Ravishing? Because that’s what you are.”

“Oh, my, but you are a such a sweet girl.” She then looks over your shoulder and asks, “Are you going to introduce me to your man, darling?” and you laugh, apologize, and then, introduce them. He is a perfect gentleman and she is charmed by the two of you.

Every now and then your flirtatious conversation is interrupted as the line creeps closer to the bathroom. When the brunette gets to the front of the line, she turns to your man and whispers something in his ear and goes into the bathroom. As you hear the door lock, he smiles and then whispers in your ear, “She wants us to wait for her when she gets out.”

“Really,” you ask. “Does that mean she’s into us?”


In the same booth as before, the three of you sit close together, you happy to be between two gorgeous people: one you love and one you just met.

He says, “My girlfriend is so beautiful, isn’t she?”

The brunette says, as she touches your thigh, “She is stunning. The prettiest girl here tonight.”

“She is,” he agrees. “Do you know this beautiful girl has never kissed a girl?”

“Never,” she asks. “Oh, poor, darling. I think that’s something we can fix.” She moves her face very close into you and asks, “May I kiss you?”

She kisses you and tastes like clean, fresh water. Her lips are soft, smooth and small and you kiss her back. Your right hand holds his hand and he squeezes it with pride. Her tongue opens your lips and enters your mouth and you kiss her deep. When you part, you turn to your man and say, “She is amazing.”

“You are amazing,” he says, and kisses you. You kiss him back, fast, furious, passionately, as her hand crawls up your thigh and finds your lace panties. You spread your legs wider, hungry for her to touch you, and completely forgetting the people all around you.

Her fingers go up and under the lace and soon she has found your most intimate self. Only a woman who has pleasured herself many times can so easily and expertly find your favorite places. Her hand could be yours and in your eagerness to show her how amazing she is, your right hand finds her thigh as your left finds his.

Turning to kiss her, then back to him — while finding his hard self with the left and her wet self with the right — the three of you are fully dressed but moving together all under the table. If others notice, they don’t show it. Enough naked sex is happening on the dance floor to keep the voyeurs occupied.

You stroke him, she strokes you, while you stroke her back. All three of you together in feeling, anticipation, passion and pleasure. She whispers “three-way kiss” into your ear and you repeat the message to him. Without stopping the touching you rearrange yourselves until the three of you can kiss. His tongue into your mouth, then hers, than his in hers, and hers in yours and yours in his…

You imagined with him how good it would be but you had no idea. Until Now.

You pull away from their lips and whisper that you are close. She says, “Want to come with me, beauty?” You nod, your hands moving rapidly against both of them, bringing them closer. Her hand moves faster on you and harder and faster and harder than you could ever do yourself. You tell her to continue by touching her harder and faster, mimicking her movements.

“Wait,” he says, and gives you a look.

Instantly, you remember where you are.  This isn’t what you and your man discussed.  You don’t want to have your first time here, in this kind of place.  The connection is too special.

You turn to her and ask, “Would you like to go somewhere else?”

Her eyes light up. “I would love to.”

He stands up and helps you both out of the booth.


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Fairy Girl February 22, 2008 at 10:20 pm

That was a amazing story. It reminds me of the experience I had last night. I attend a dominatrix show for the first time last night. One of my friends has a show at one of the local clubs every other Thursday. I decided to let her take me on stage just to see what it was like. She asked me if I wanted to be chained with my front facing out or my back facing out. I thought I would try the front, because everyone else I had seen go up had their backs facing out. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I found I enjoyed a great deal more than I had thought. I also found, that because the other people could see my expressions more than they could any of the others, that I had a lot more people watching me than the did any of the others.
It had me so worked up and excited, that I was still ready to go when my boyfriend finally came to bed around 1 this afternoon. He works the graveyard shift, so I don’t get to see him that often. But I made good use of him today. He may not have gotten as much sleep as he would have liked today, but I’m sure the sleep he did get was good.


Danika February 22, 2008 at 10:40 pm

wow, I love this. kinda how I imagine my first time. *blushes*


something worth fighting for February 23, 2008 at 9:29 am

I really love this one….I can really relate to her in so many ways……

this story made me warm and fuzzy inside..good end to my day. Sweet…


Blue February 23, 2008 at 9:30 am

MMMMM. . .what a yummy story! Thank you, Bliss. . .I’ll definitely have sweet dreams.


goddess lelly February 23, 2008 at 9:30 am

Unfortunately I’ve never had this experience… i started very young and I’ve always found myself amongst older more experienced people i am not interested in getting involved with…

luckily i’ve found a few attractive older females at the bi girl parties but the younger woman always seem insecure and uncomfortable…

i wish i could find more beautiful woman my age who were more confident about their sexuality.


Do It In The Dirt February 23, 2008 at 9:31 am

Mmm. Steamy. And your man is right, you are the prettiest girl in the room. ;o) xoxo

PS. Is there a Part 2?


Buuni Rose February 23, 2008 at 9:31 am

This story is so beautiful, I love it. I am going to wake my man up and read it to him, he will love it too. Thank you again beautiful miss bliss. We love your stories


Lacivia March 4, 2008 at 12:43 pm

Finally able to read the latest and as always you can really capture a moment a draw one in! Bravo


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