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Part 4 of Welcome To The Jungle, Lovely

by Jungle Jane

Dearest Bliss Warriors,

Thank you for reading and for all of your flattering compliments.  I started guest blogging as a bi girl who had never made love to a woman, but wanted to.  After a two years of reading Bliss and learning to ‘be the bi girl I want meet‘, Not only have I have had sex with a woman, but I have fallen madly in love. It is an incredible, overwhelming feeling that I am forever grateful for.  There is nothing like spending hours and hours giggling and snuggling to a woman that makes you feel beautiful and loved, inside and out.   To all of you ladies who are still searching for that special girl, know that she is out there.  She may even be right next door and you don’t even know it.  To all of the ladies that have experienced what I have, thank you for helping pave the way.  Please enjoy Part 4 of my series “A True Bisexual Love Story” and I hope to see you all in Hotel Bliss.

Jungle Jane

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When The Time Was Right

The month was late September, 2008.  My girlfriend, Meryl, was to return to the mainland on December 13th.  She would tell me all about her plans and bat her eyelashes in excitement for the unknown. She is so pretty when she’s excited. I would listen and smile and pretend that my heart wasn’t cracking just a little.  She was outlining her budget and trying to figure out how to stretch her gelato scooping wages across the Pacific Ocean and beyond.  I remembered being 21 and trying to figure out how to do all the things I wanted on minimum wages.   Things would be tight, but she could do it. While I was sad that she was leaving, I was excited for her too.

Then, all of a sudden, her roommate bailed and left her with covering the rent by herself.  She decided she needed to move to a place with cheaper rent and fast.  “Move fast,” I thought.  No way could I let this girl leave the jungle before it was time.  Luckily, Nick and I were making our annual trip to the Midwest to visit our families.  We would be gone for the month of October.  So guess who needed a yurt sitter and kitty feeder?  Jungle Jane. I asked Meryl if she was interested and could see the math happening behind her hazel eyes.  A smile graced her face as she nonchalantly told me she could “probably do that.”  A week or so before our trip we packed up her Fern House and moved everything into our living room.  Meryl would be sleeping in my bed while I was gone, snuggling to my pillow, and using my vibrator.  I was happy.

Late September is especially hot in Maui and the temperature is double inside the yurt.  Some days there is simply nothing you can do but sprawl out nude on a beach somewhere and let the ocean cool you off.  This was one of those days.  The temperature had reached a boiling point and the three of us grabbed our towels and headed for the ocean.  We were in good moods.  Nick and I were excited about our trip home and Meryl was settled in a big ass, rent free yurt all to herself for the next month.  We ran and jumped in the water and splashed like little children.   We surrendered our bodies in the shallow water and let the waves suck us out and roll us back in.  We were crashing into one another and rolling over each other and reaching for body parts that weren’t our own.  At some point, an unexpected young man decided to jump in and join us.

The play progressed to an all out sand war.  We flung ocean soaked sand balls at each other with no mercy.  Open your mouth to laugh and eat it!  Turn your head to avoid one blast and get an earfull from another.  Bend over to grab a handful and get a crack full.  No mercy. No whining. Just fun!  The game seemed to last for hours and the waves played along pushing bodies into bodies and rolling them over the other.  There was kissing and there was groping.  We played until the sun began to set over the West Maui Mountains.  By the end, our bodies were shivering with the approaching moon and we all needed to rinse off the salt and sand.  Our new friend invited us back to his house for hot showers, cold drinks, and a smoke.

This young man had two girl roommates and Meryl and I got to shower in their bathroom.  It was filled with good shampoo and conditioner, smell good body washes, lotions, and face soaps.  Don’t you just LOVE girls?!  We looked at each other and giggled about all the wonderful choices and the good water pressure.  This shower was definitely a step up from our minimal outdoor shower in the jungle.  We washed each other squeaky clean.  We dried off in our fresh fluffy towels and went out to the living room to sip on our freshly poured lemonade and vodka while our new friend twisted a joint.  Nick looked handsome after his long shower and was talking music with our new friend.  While he was indeed a fine young fellow and we did appreciate his hospitality, we had to smoke and run.  The three of us knew that the inevitable was waiting for us back in our jungle.

Before we went home, we stopped by the store for some wine and cookies for my lovers’ crazy sweet tooths.  Meryl and I rode in the back seat while Nick drove.  She was leaning against the door with her legs spread out across the seat. I sat between her legs and rested my back on her chest.  She was kissing my neck and running her hands up and down my body.  I leaned my head back to find her tongue as Nick positioned his rear view mirror.

We made it home and poured glasses of wine, turned the music on low, and got comfy on our couch with a box of cookies.  As the red wine took its affect Meryl stretched her legs across Nick and I.  As she told a story, Nick began to explore her softness.  I watched for a minute to see how Meryl would respond.  She slowly blinked and continued with her story, so I joined him.  She had four hands massaging her legs and her breathing became heavier.  Nick reached under the fabric of her skirt and she arched her back.  She peaked at me with a naughty a grin and my hands followed his. We took off her skirt, found her wetness, and allowed ourselves to get lost in the touch.

With so many fingers working together no part goes unnoticed.  Nick pleasured her anally and I sucked her clit into my mouth while both of our hands massaged the walls of her vagina.  He slid his finger inside and I pulled my finger out. In and out and here and there all to the rhythm of the music and her breathing.  She would call out my name and then his.  I kissed her belly and sucked on her nipples. She grabbed my face and brought me to her lips to kiss me like only Meryl can. Then I slid back down her body and found Nick’s lips cradling her clitoris. I put my tongue in his mouth so that we were sharing her and I kissed them deeply.

Nick got up, leaving me between her legs with my tongue buried in her delicious pussy.  He stood over us and ran his hands across our bodies, taking in the beauty of two women lost in love making.  Then he found Meryl’s gorgeous mouth.  She is a self proclaimed, incredible dick sucker and Nick wanted to find out for himself.  He put his cock into her mouth and she was happy to show both of us her skills.  I looked up from between her legs to see her giving head to my man and that alone almost made me cum.   He pulled out of her mouth and reached down to kiss us both.  Our six hands guided him onto his back where we shared a three way kiss that was both passionate and genuine.

Bliss once wrote a piece of erotica called, You Made My Brain Come,  where she described in luscious detail a time when a woman’s sexy girlfriend gave incredible head to her husband as she watched and joined.  It is, to this date, my favorite Bliss Warrior blog. I wanted to experience that.  It became my fantasy.  As Meryl and I made our way down to Nick’s hard cock, I felt my fantasies coming true.  I watched as Meryl wrapped her long fingers around my man’s shaft and took him all the way into her mouth and swirled her tongue around and around.  Nick gripped the blanket and let out a whimper.  She looked at me from the corner of her eye and my mouth dropped open.  I had to join her.  I followed with my tongue to meet her at the head of his dick where we shared him. Then I took him all the way into my mouth.  As I was coming up, she wrapped her mouth around the base and followed me. Our mouths met at the head of his penis and again we shared him and a kiss.  Our tongues darted around him and into each other’s mouths.   We took turns like this while he held onto the pillow with his eyes squeezed shut, peaking down every now to let out an, “Oh my Gooood.”  The softness of his dick and the softness of our mouths mixed with the intensity of looking deep into her eyes was mesmerizing.  Our four hands stroked him and our tongues worked together to bring this man to orgasm in my mouth where I swallowed him whole and pulled him out to kiss Meryl long and passionately.  I can’t put into words how amazing sucking dick with Meryl was.  She definitely made my brain come.

Jungle Jane just happened to be on the second day of her cycle for the event.  While I couldn’t fully participate in all activities it did not stop me from fullfilling a certain fantasy that I had shared with Meryl once upon a time. Occasionally, I enjoy anal sex.  The magical part about anal is that it forces you to completely relax all your muscles and surrender to your lover.  The intensity of the feeling engulfs my entire body.  When I reach that level of relaxation, my heart shakra opens up and I am able to give and receive pure bliss.  My fantasy was to have anal sex, with her below me and my face in the buried in the scent of her neck.  I wanted to go to that place of sexual intensity with the heat of her body rising up into my being.

Nick got up to get us all some water.  Meryl and I kissed and embraced with racing hearts. Meryl laid down and I curled up to her. Nick came in and sat next to us as we kissed.  He began to stroke our legs and thighs gently as we made out.  I felt her body begin to rock and realized it was his two fingers inside her.  Then he found my ass and slowly, very slowly stuck his lubed finger inside.  He found her g spot and she cried out to me ‘your boyfriend is making me cum’.  I went down to see her body release her cum that I love so much. Her pussy was dripping wet and with each thrust Meryl was splashing her juice in my face.  She came and came and continued to come until she had enough.  With that, Nick was ready for more.  I kissed her cheek and asked her if I could… and before I could finish the sentence she was shaking her head yes and biting her bottom lip.  She sat up with my body between there’s and got his dick lubricated for me.  She laid back down and I stuck my ass into the air.  He began to warm me up with the head of his penis and I relaxed to breathe in Meryl who was below me kissing my face and softly stroking my skin.  I could feel her heat radiating off of her body and soaking into mine.  I could feel her heart beat below me. I was open and being filled with love.

He pushed his dick completely inside me and I took a deep breath below her earlobe. She pressed her finger into my clit, he pulled out, and I exhaled.  She continued to play with my clit while looking me in my eyes and kissing my face.  He continued to slowly build the orgasm inside me.  The three of us were breathing together and it was slow.  Exactly how I imagined it would be. The intensity rose in my body until I released my orgasm through my chest and deep in my belly.  With that, I dropped the weight of my body onto my lovely girlfriend and she held me.  Nick kissed my back and got up to get us more water.Nick kissed my back and got up to turn the lights out.  Exhausted in bliss, Meryl and I crawled into bed together and he joined us.  Under stars shining through the skylight, I curled up between my two lovers and listened to the trickle of the waterfall in the background.  I wrapped my arm around Meryl’s waist and whispered in her ear, “Can I keep you?”  She smiled shook her head yes.  “Promise,” I asked.  “Yes, love,” she answered and squeezed me tighter.  I turned to the boy and sweetly kissed him on his lips.  “Good night.  I love you,” we said and fell sound asleep.

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Rochelle June 11, 2009 at 11:16 am

Jungle Jane I have enjoyed your stories. I also remember the blog Bliss wrote on making your brain come, both of you are amazing writers. From one beautiful bi girl to another, thank you for all the beautiful energy you put into the world.


Matildas September 8, 2009 at 12:54 am

I enjoyed all four parts. Couldnt stop reading!


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