by Jungle Jane

As I contemplated writing this blog on masturbation in the laundry mat, a large group of young adult church campers came crashing in. More girls than boys. A couple of the girlies looked like they may have been outgrowing their camp. One in particular had a dyed pink patch in the back of her curly, bleach bobbed hairdo, a pierced lip and nose, skinny jeans, and a quote tattooed across the bottom of the outside of her foot. I couldn’t make out what it said, but I used my imagination. She took the washer next to mine and I couldn’t help but notice the dirty pink, lacy g-strings she had to wash. I tried hard not to think blasphemous thoughts. I tried hard to think about writing. Oh, the mental tug-of-war! How could I stay focused when she had an entire collection of pretty, lacy g-strings?

I had to sit down, but the pierced pink patch came to sit right next to me! She picked up her tatted notebook and proceeded to study her notes. I peeked at her page hoping to see something sacrilegious, but I only saw the gospel. I looked back at my blank page half expecting some sort of guilt trip to talk me out of writing about the pent-up innocence that sat right next to me, but nothing. Just the warmth of the dryers and the hum of their vibrations reminding me of the subject at hand: masturbation.

Dear God, I hope this girl masturbates.

I was 22 before I learned about the joys of a solo orgasm. I lived in Los Angeles and worked across the street from the Penthouse store on Sunset. I was newly single and had no interest in finding new love. I wanted to focus on myself and was still in love with my ex-now-current boyfriend. It was hard to go from sex every day to nothing at all. I tried one night stands, which were sometimes a blast, but overall not worth it. My body was nagging, insatiably. If only I had read Between Boyfriends, Date Girls back then!

So one night after work, I visited the sex toy store. Low and behold they were having a 75% off sale!!! I purchased a large box that was originally a hundred dollars. The box was your typical sex kit with the oils and massage gloves and chintzy crap for the most part, but something drew me to the vibrating silver bullet in the box. Something about it appealed to me over the fancier dildos. It was fate.

I took that box home to my apartment on Venice Beach boardwalk. The place had a gigantic living room with a fireplace, a wall of sliding glass doors and a balcony facing the ocean. My roommates were gone, so I locked all the doors, put music on low, poured a glass of wine, lit the fireplace and slid open the glass so the sea breeze and the sounds of the boardwalk could drift in. I laid a blanket down in front of the fireplace, lit my smoke, and sat with my new box of toys.

I looked at each trinket and considered its usage, envisioning scenarios. I made my way to the bullet and disinfected its silver surface, put in fresh batteries, took off my clothes, got comfortable on my back with my knees up, a pillow under my head and legs and a light blanket over my belly – thinking I may get chilly. I took the control in one hand and reached down with the shiny silver bullet in the other. I turned the vibration on low and held the wire to let the weight float on my clitoris. The toy seemed to have a mind of its own and landed on a particularly sensitive spot. Low was nice, but medium was better. I became wetter and warmer quick. No need for the blanket! I wanted to take it up to max right away, but thought I would take it slow to let my mind wander.

I felt like a little boy discovering his newly hardened penis. I had not fully discovered the nuances of my vagina until that night. I did not know that my right side is more sensitive than the left. I did not know what an orgasm felt like all by itself, without a partner to share it with. I hadn’t had a need in the past to masturbate, or so I thought. I was wrong! Masturbation is key to understanding our sexual organs and our deepest desires. I unlocked a closet in my mind full of dirty stories and fantasies and images and memories that I had stored away and lost touch with. My hidden desires for women came rushing into my mind’s pornographic imagination mixed with memories of heavy love making and hard core fucking. I am at my best when I take away my thought boundaries and dive into the tabboo.

I felt and watched as my folds filled up and pushed against the vibrations. I slid the control to full blast while my hand pushed the vibrations against the build. Full blast is where it’s at for me. My ears began to ring and I saw white. For the first time in my life ladies, I ejaculated. I ‘squirted’ all over myself. It made my eyes water and my heart beat like I ran a marathon and I was sweating and I was smiling and I was hooked!

I mean hooked. I discovered six things that night:

  1. I love the vibration.
  2. I can get off whenever the hell I feel like it!
  3. I can ejaculate. It’s not a myth!
  4. I can hide the desires, but they don’t go away.
  5. The imagination is a terrible thing to waste.
  6. Give yourself permission to be perverted while masturbating and see where it takes you!!

You just might make some discoveries of your own!

Tune in next time when I attempt to make some of my fantasies reality and soon realize that some fantasies are best kept where they are….blissful in my imagination.

Jungle Jane

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Maki April 2, 2008 at 10:24 pm

I too ejaculated my first time by myself and my ears wouldnt stop ringing lol


Jennifer April 2, 2008 at 10:24 pm

I was introduced to masturbating about five years ago. I would have to thank my husband for it. He open my mind to a wonderful world where my imagination is totally free to do its beautiful work. I can finally make myself feel good without the need of a man nor a woman, but a pink leopard print toy. There is nothing like completing the true exploration of sexuality.


snarff snarff April 3, 2008 at 11:02 am

Be careful, I know vibrators are wonderful toys but, if you use them too much your sensitivity can deminish.


jungle jane April 4, 2008 at 12:14 pm

ohhh Snarff,
Don’t be silly. You sound like a man. ;)
I have heard that before, but not from women.
So far so good.
Thanks for the advice though!
I’ll be sure to mix it up w/ some glass just in case!
Jungle Jane


Mikalao April 8, 2008 at 1:49 pm

Last week i made my first purchase of My First Vibe, a little online store for only 15.99 with a free gift. My bf always said i was boring and never surprised him. I knew what was coming in the mail so i let him open it. Surprises are all he looks foward to now. I’ve only had it for a week and i’ve done it by myself and with him. Even once in the car in the middle of traffic outside Orlando for him (ok, for me). I wont say im expirienced but i can’t wait to see where it takes me. And i still cant squirt, i just dont think its possible myth or not, i cant do it!


Laura Jane Joy Warrior April 8, 2008 at 1:50 pm

YOU WILL! JUST LET GO enough not to notice and YOU will be surprised!! no lie!! usually its the expecting it–or when my ex-hubby would ask “show me..do that…” …that can hold you back even if you don’t think so–have no expectations and you can have it all! xo


Laura Jane Joy Warrior April 8, 2008 at 1:50 pm

well i was an even MUCH later learner about the AWESOME-ness of vibrators! i had always had a fine and exciting sex life –OR SO I THOUGHT!! (i had the slutty young years and then at 22+ hooked up with a man for 20 years who we just divorced–7 years living together and 13 years married and plenty plenty of HOT SEX even through the end…)
anyway–at 39–all i had ever heard about women finding their sexuality–turned true for me–i became CRAZED with raging hormones like a teenage boy (or my perception of a teenage boy–ha ha–and at 43 1/2 still feeling it!) so my hubby had been out of town for work–and i guess even though i knew how to masturbate easily–(i had friends who no one NO ONE talked about vibrators!mor details on that in a minute) so i somehow stayed in the dark EXTRA LONG –so one day crazed and HORNY i looked at so many vibrators and dildos online i went nuts and spent hundreds of dollars ordering a big selection–and then called out of town hubby who said “oh my god just go out to the garage there is one i bought you in a paper bag ….i just thought you weren’t into them…”…man…i FLEW out to the garage and there it was in those hard to open plastic packages–and then egads-=-it was very old fashioned so i had to dig up some D batteries–ha ha ha–but i used that thing with joy until the abundance started to arrive–and i found the BEST VIBRATOR –very best to be–the PATCHI PAULI and/or maybe the digger–from the german toy company
whose name is now escaping me–which is crazy since i ended up in the last 3 years buying over 35 patchi paulis that i have shared with all my friends…i wrote a poem i sent out with it explaining my LATE finding and MY great joy at the daily time with “pauli” (and the flat belly from the ab workouts you get with the vibrator)–and LOL on the spurting (don’t forget a towel!!) and i sent out like 20 for christmas and then continued on with gifts–especially when this now comes up in conversations!
some girls were mortified–some very gracious and grateful–some never mention it again–some ask for money for more batteries–ha ha–some share it with their mates–some keep it to themselves–one of my friends “significant male other of 23 years” complained –supposedly secretly to me–that” she won’t play with it in front of me or with me and i so wish she would”–
i say orgasm yourself to bliss everyday because–changing your vibration can change everything–
if you have any extra worry or tension–a couple minutes vibrating and oo la la–you are off to a much better day! no lie! and the flat stomach thing–
and i don’t believe the person above who posted about overstimulation–i have found there to be NO such thing (upon much studying and trials ha ha ha)
i DID DISCOVER there are alot of females not having sex–not orgasming–or not talking about it–i had one friend her hand is good enough–but mostly just friends not sharing the joy of loving your body and wow–how empowered could we all be if we communicated more the JOY of letting go!
sex with yourself teaches: self-love…joy…knowledge of what feels good…and that you don’t need anyone to make you feel beautiful and good!
it also releases all kind of tension and toxins from your body..
and SEX always is the best reminder of how it feels to JUST BE LIVING IN THE MOMENT letting TIME UNFOLD as it will (and if that isn’t happening when you are having sex–i mean–if you are spenfding anytime THINKING and not JUST BEING IN THE MOMENT–i think the point of sex gets missed! and maybe life!
laura jane, the joy warrior! xoxo


Amanda April 8, 2008 at 1:51 pm

My first time was at 3 in the morning, horny, alone and drunk. i discovered men aren’t needed and that it doesn’t take me long to cum if I put my mind (and fingers) to it.


jungle jane April 8, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Laura Jane,
Thanks for the long comment. Orgasm yourself to bliss everyday! Glad you discovered the good vibes. Cheers!

Mikalao, I too have used the vibrations in traffic! There were plenty of opportunities for that in LA. I do believe your flow will come. Just don’t think about it. It will feel like your about to pee on yourself and your instincts are to shut that off. Next time, let yourself pee and see what happens! ;)

Jungle Jane


Rica October 22, 2009 at 6:27 pm

Wow.. good for you girl coz since I started masturbating I never experience on what does it feel when having orgasmic reaction. tell me how to do it? It’s so nice to read and share your fantasy stories like this..


Ken October 26, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Very nice topic Jungle Jane. I really like your write-ups as well. Thanks for sharing your story, I really hooked up with it. Nice!


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