by Miss Bliss


This is part 2 of a two part story. Missed Follow My Rules Part I? CLICK HERE to catch up.

“My martinis are better than any restaurants.”

“Really,” you ask, aware of his need to impress you. “How lucky for me to have such a talented bartender.” Your tone is mildly flirtatious although your body language is not.

The black-haired beauty is suddenly hopeful, eager for you to see what she sees in her man. “Everyone says he makes the best martini in the city and he’s not even a bartender.”

He hands you the perfectly shaken drink into a long martini glass with three olives on a long plastic spear. “It certainly looks perfect,” you say and feel his tension. It is so easy to throw him off-guard and you enjoy each moment. You take a sip and open your eyes up to his with deep fascination. “Wow. This really is a perfect martini. Just dirty enough for a girl like me.”

Smiling, he shares the secret of his drink. “It’s not just the vodka, which naturally, has to be the smoothest vodka. But what really gives it that distinct taste is the olives. I tried hundreds of olives until I found the perfect taste.”

“He really did,” she gushes. “We must have been drunk for weeks trying out different olives for the martinis!” She comes up behind him, wraps her arms around his waist, and squeezes him tightly. Her love for him is so true that your darkness towards him softens slightly.

“You two seem like you have a lot of fun together.” Wandering around the small living room in their tiny apartment, you study the pictures of them on vacation, getting married, in a group photo with her family members. There aren’t any pictures of his family which makes you curious about him for the first time. In every photo she glows and he is expressionless.

“Are you going to show me the bedroom,” you ask, taking control once more.

“Don’t you want to finish your drink,” she asks, confused that you aren’t following the normal protocol.

“Are drinks not allowed in the bedroom,” you say with a teasing voice.

“Oh, of course they are! I just thought you might want to….” Her voice trails up and she looks up at her man to see if he has the words to complete her thought.

His jaw clenches slightly and you smile to yourself. Did he think a well-mixed drink would change the rules? Silly boy. As far as you are concerned nothing would change the agreement you set just thirty minutes before in the café. Both of you can touch her, but you won’t touch him and he is not allowed to touch you.

He gestures to the door and you open it to reveal their small but romantic bedroom. The walls are a deep emerald green and the bed is large compared to the size of the room, covered in a jewel-toned velvet quilt. It is beautiful and inviting and you tell them so.

“He found the quilt in an antique shop in Connecticut – isn’t it gorgeous? – and we designed the room together around that.”

“Your man has great taste,” you say, like he isn’t in the room with you. In the corner, facing the bed, is a small purple velvet chair. You turn to him and say, “Have a seat.” At first he doesn’t move and looks to her. She shrugs and smiles nervously and he sits. “I want you to get on the bed with me.” Looking over at him, he nods, and she climbs onto the bed with you. “I am going to undress your wife now. You are not allowed to leave that chair until I say so.”

He looks like he is about to object, but decides to keep quiet. Turning to her, your voice changes, becomes gentler and sweeter than it has been all night. “Do you know how badly I have wanted to see your petite and perfect body? From the minute I saw you sitting in that café, I looked forward to this moment.” Slowly, you unbutton her lace shirt, taking time to let your fingers linger on each bit of flesh the opened buttons revealed. Before you slide the shirt off of her, you slowly open it to reveal a black bra with embroidered roses. “What a stunning bra. And, your breasts are just perfect.”

“Really,” she asks. “Thank you.” She seems shocked by your complements.

“I’ve always wanted a girl to see how perfect my wife is.” His interruption annoys you and for a moment you want to gag him, but you know this would freak her out. Instead, you choose to ignore him and remove her shirt. Her tummy is a little round but is scrumptious. You kiss her bellybutton and she moans. Your tongue traces a circle around it and slowly you lick a line up the middle of her body until you reach her bra.

“You taste sweet and smell amazing.”

“Thank you.” Her eyes glow with adoration of you and you feel him getting more insecure and tense, which almost makes you giggle.

She reaches around you to take off your sweater and you stop her. “Not yet, sweet girl. I want to see you first. Turn around.” She turns, and you find the zipper to her pencil tight skirt, pull it off and release her firm, round behind. Wearing a simple black lace g-string and lace-topped thigh-high stockings, she is simply delicious. Kneeling behind her, you wrap your arms around her and cusp her full breasts through her bra in your hands. You kiss her neck and she moans. Bringing your mouth up to her ear, you whisper to her a command. Facing her man, she follows your direction and says to him quietly, as if she can barely get the words out, “I want to see your cock.”

Shock registers on his face. It is obvious that she is not used to telling him what to do during sex. Quickly, the wry almost handsome smile is back and he unzips his pants and frees his already hard, surprisingly large self from containment. You whisper another order into her ear and she giggles. “I can’t say that without laughing,” she says under her breath. You move your right hand down to her lace g-string, and slide your fingers beneath it. She is so wet and ready, you know she will do anything you ask. She is already enjoying this more than she expected and you are certain he is fascinated by seeing a new side to his girl. Touching her as lightly as you can, you make her involuntarily push into you, wanting to be touched deeper, harder, faster – but you do not give her what she wants. Instead, you whisper the command once more.

This time, she says, “I want you to touch yourself and…” She shakes her head. You stop touching her even lightly. “And, after she gets me ready, I want you to take me up the ass.”

“What,” he says.

“You heard her,” you say, and you command her to get on her hands and knees. She does and you pull the tiny underwear off of her and throw them into his lap with a challenging smile. Looking right into his eyes, you keep your right hand on her wet clit and hold up your left hand, you lick your index finger to thoroughly wet it.

A whisper in her ear and she says to him, “Tell her to get me ready for your cock.”

“Is that what you want,” he asks, stroking his cock and beginning to enjoy the game.

“That’s what I want,” she says between breaths as you give her hardening clit more direct attention.

“Get her ready,” he says, with a gruff voice.

A light bite to her right butt cheek, then a light bite to the left, and she cries out. You bury your face between her and begin to lightly lick in the most delicate of places. Treating her opening like it is her pussy, you start by gently circling the opening with your tongue. At first she is nervous, wary of how she may smell or taste, so completely unprepared for this new sensation. As your right hand keeps vibrating her clit, she begins to press her behind into your face, wanting more, and you give it to her.

Your tongue finds the opening and penetrates her. She moans loudly and you pull your tongue out and direct her to tell him what you are doing to her. Again, you enter her with your tongue, darting it in and out, getting her used to the sensation of being fucked lightly. She says quietly, “She’s fucking my ass with her tongue.” Both he and you are surprised by the dirtiness of her words. You didn’t think she would go there this fast and you are impressed.

She is opening up to your tongue, expanding, getting ready for more force, so you pull back and lick one of your left fingers. Dripping wet with saliva, you circle her opening with your finger, teasing her with what it next. “Tell him what you want,” you say. “Tell him now.”

A moan, more panting, and finally the words escape her lips. “I want her fingers to fuck my ass.”

“Is that what you want,” he asks, still stroking himself, slowly, thoroughly.

“I want it!”

“She wants it,” he says to you, with more gentleness in his eyes than you’ve seen all night. He is beginning to like you.

Slowly, you let the first knuckle of your index finger enter her. She is tight but quickly relaxes around you as you keep vibrating her clit with the right. Soon, her body opens and you go deeper. She gasps. Moving your finger in a small, slow circle, she expands, and even starts moving forward and back, encouraging you to fuck her faster, deeper. You do for awhile until you ask him, “Do you think it’s time for another finger?”

“I think it’s time.”

Pulling out your index finger, you place it next to the middle one, and re-enter her. A gasp and then a moan and then she says, “Oh, yes. Oh, she is fucking my ass so good.” You go in and out faster now and are amazed by the warm wetness there. She expands even more and you add a third finger. In and out and out and in and her pussy is dripping all over your other hand. She is loving this and you focus your concentration on her pleasure. “I’m getting close,” she says.

“Should I make her come,” you ask him.

“Yes,” he says so quietly you barely hear him.

“I will only do it if you promise to change places with me and let me watch you fuck her ass.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

With energy and desire, your hands move at faster and faster speeds. She is panting moaning, shifting herself back and forth to get closer and closer. With three fingers in her, you make wide circles, then go in and out and back to circles. “Yes,” she says. “Yes.” And soon, her back is covered in sweat and she is shaking, gasping, moaning and collapses onto her stomach, grabbing your hands in hers. “No more,” she manages to say. “I just came too hard.”

“No more,” you ask with a laugh. “Sweet girl, that was just my turn. Your man gets his turn now and I know you won’t disappoint us.”
“I can’t.”

“Yes, you can,” he says, rising from the chair. You step off the bed, still completely dressed, and switch places with him. Neither of you touch or will touch, but something has shifted between you. A silent mutual respect and understanding lingers between you, as you watch him reclaim her.



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A very hot story.


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