by Miss Bliss

This is the final part of a three-part Friday Night Bedtime Story. If you missed part one, CLICK HERE, and if you missed part two, CLICK HERE to catch up. XOXOXOXO BLISS WARRIOR

“I think these are straight gin,” giggles Carina, handing you and George tall glasses full of ice and clear liquid. “I made the mistake of pouring the gin first and I’m so drunk… Let’s just say, it left little space for tonic.”

She leaves to collect her drink from the kitchen as you and George linger on Carina’s bed, sipping your drinks. If they are straight gin, you are too drunk to notice. George’s red painted toes tap your leg and you look at her. “I like her,” she says referring to Carina.

“I can tell,” you say with a laugh. A part of your heart hurts when she says this. If you left the room, would she tell Carina how much she liked you?

“I’m excited for Spin and Rape,” George says with her wicked smile. The three of you have been playing Spin the Bottle all night, with each round becoming more and more intimate. Already having lost your shirts in Spin or Strip, you catch yourself glancing at George’s pink bra and her lovely cleavage.

“I don’t know how bi Carina is,” you say in a low voice, knowing she could reappear at any moment.

“That girl is bi,” says George, her toes still massaging your leg up and down. “She loved kissing both of us at the same time. And, she’s obviously totally into you.”

“She is,” you ask, and a bolt of nervous energy jumps from your stomach. “What did she say to you?”

George raises an eyebrow. “You really like her.”

“I like lots of girls, including you.”

“I like you, too, honey,” George says with a sweet voice you rarely hear her use.

“I’m back,” Carina says with drunken enthusiasm as she crawls back onto the bed. “So are we starting round three or what?”

“I don’t know,” says George, turning to lie on her back. “Are you sure you are ready for Round Three? It’s not for the faint of heart.”

Carina picks up the bottle. “Who’s spinning first?”

“Me,” George says. Pretending to spin the bottle, she never lets it go from her grasp, and obviously, plants it in front of Carina. “I guess I get to dare Carina on this first spin.”

“That’s not fair,” Carina says with a laugh. “You didn’t really spin!” George just shrugs and smiles. You nervously wonder what George has up her sleeve.

“Both of you have made me incredibly turned on, I must admit. So I think it’s only fair that you, fair Carina, relieve me of this intense sexual frustration.”

“What do you mean,” she asks.

“I think,” you say slowly, “she wants you to make her come,” George nods and plays coy while Carina looks at you nervously. You decide to call George’s bluff and see if you couldn’t just shock her a bit. “It’s not fair to put that kind of pressure on sweet Carina, George. She’s never been with a girl before.”

“She said she wanted to play.”

“I did. I do! Just let me finish this drink,” says Carina, and you can’t believe it. George has turned another straight girl without even raising a finger. How does she have this power?

“Wait. I have an idea,” you say, concerned that this dare may just leave you left out. “Since both of us created this monster of sexual tension that is driving you so crazy, we should both relieve you. Besides, it’s more fun to please a girl with a friend helping. Come here, Carina.” She comes up to you kneeling on the bed. You kiss her long and gently. Her small lips kiss you back with such desire and yearning that you feel in love.

“That was nice,” Carina whispers.

Feeling in control again, you quietly say to George, “It’s time for those jeans to come off.”

Carina is gulping her gin down as George slowly gets up off the bed and turns her back to the two of you. Swinging her hips back and forth, she strips again for you, slowly unzipping her pants, slowly exposing her round, bare ass. George isn’t wearing underwear and you can’t say you are surprised. She turns in only a bra and climbs back into bed.

“Hand me that pillow,” you instruct Carina and she does. You place the pillow under George’s hips to lift her up so the two of you can please her together. “Put your drink down,” and Carina does. “Come here,” and she joins you at George’s hips.

You spread George’s legs and the two of you crawl in the space between them. Carina is on the left and you are on the right. Placing your left arm around Carina’s back, you draw her close to you and your faces closer to George’s sex. With your right hand, you spread George open and expose her pink, wet folds. To encourage Carina, you lean down and start to lick and tug at George’s clit. Slowly, you let your tongue explore lower and lower parts of George’s sex until you find her opening. Darting your tongue in and out of her, George begins to moan. Carina lowers her head to meet you. Her tongue licks George’s labia so lightly, you wonder if she is afraid to break her. Girls have been so roughly treated by some men that they tend to be too soft when they first touch a girl. Or too shy.

As Carina licks, you move up to her face and kiss her. She kisses you back and you taste George’s sweetness on her lips. The kiss is sweet and delectable, and the two go back to focusing on George’s pleasure with more enthusiasm and ardor. George responds with loader moans and her hips begin to rock up and down, begging for more pressure, more movement, move of both of your tongues and lips. Her response thrills Carina and she moves to trade places with you. Taking her clit again in your mouth, you feel how enlarged it has become since you and Carina started teasing her. In and out you suck her as she pants, gasps and moans.

You can’t see what Carina is doing but you do notice when she licks her finger and inserts it into George’s tight opening. Licking her clit while her finger penetrates her, George breaths, “That’s it. Oh, that’s just what I want. Please don’t stop. Please.”

Soon, you hear the squishy noises of a wet and excited pussy. Carina, surprisingly, is getting George close to orgasm and you still can’t quite believe you are here with her, making a third girl come.

“Yes,” George says, “Keep doing that.”

She is so close you decide to place two fingers on her clit and start rubbing rapidly as Carina penetrates her faster and faster with her fingers. The squishy sounds grow louder and louder and you imagine the soft walls Carina is feeling, opening, and expanding. The magic of a pussy close to orgasm is a high that can make any girl an addict. You wonder if Carina is hooked.

In that moment, George explodes into a long, throbbing, shaking climax. Both of your hands try to keep the pressure on and in her as the fireworks explode within her slim body. Slowly, George finds your hands with hers and makes you both stop so she can enjoy the waves of her climax.

Turning to Carina, you kiss her deeply with your tongue and she drinks you in. “Dare me to make you come,” you whisper into her ear.

“Shouldn’t I spin the bottle first,” she says with a giggle.

Pushing her back down on the bed next to George, you don’t give her time to spin again and she doesn’t mind one bit.



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