by Miss Bliss

A few years ago, I was out with a dear bisexual male friend of mine, and he said to me, “What if every thought was a prayer? Imagine if every time you said to yourself, ‘I’m ugly’ or ‘I’m fat’, that God is up there listening and says to himself, ‘Well, i guess she wants to be ugly and fat so i will make her so.’”

“That would be awful,” I said.

“So when you catch yourself being cruel to yourself, remember you aren’t just talking about how you FEEL right now, you are also telling the universe that this is how you want to BE.”

Since this conversation, I have tried to monitor my thinking to catch myself making “negative prayers.” When I do, I reverse them, no matter how corny that may be in the moment. For example, last month I thought, “My skin is disgusting, it’s breaking out, I’m never going to have clear skin…” (nevermind the fact I was getting my period in a few days). I stopped myself and realized i had just asked the universe to give me horrible skin for the rest of my life. Quickly, I said, “I have beautiful clear skin and always will.” In a few days, my skin had cleared, my hormones calmed, and my skin was beautiful.

So… Are you saying to yourself you’ll never find that amazing bisexual lover? Turn around that prayer: “The amazing bisexual girl I have dreamed of is coming into my life soon.”

Feeling ugly? Ugly thoughts become ugly realities. Think gorgeous. Feel gorgeous. Be gorgeous. Give love.


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michelle January 10, 2008 at 12:27 am

Found em! Where have these been hiding? I love your new blog layout and i love reading the blogs i missed! I will start reversing all those thoughts from this moment on Miss Bliss! You are such a brilliant writer! Never stop.


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