by Miss Bliss

Have you loved a girl today?

As you walked home from work, did you see her? Did you see her white chopped hair and big black eyes? Did you see the pink blush of her lips, the slight worry in her forehead, her hands holding a patent-leather bag? When she stopped at the corner waiting for the light to change, did you turn to her and say, “You are a French movie postcard come alive.  A starlet.  A vision.”

And when she lifted her eyes back at you, wary that you’re some jerk trying to steal her magic… slowly, under lined lashes, she studied you. A girl like her, with long red hair, fierce bangs, and a really cute double-breasted coat. She smiled. You smiled. The light changed and she crossed the street. Did you see her walk lighten? Did you see her smile to herself?

Flirting with girls is a great way to give love.

Try it.
Tell me what happens.
bliss warrior

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just gigi January 9, 2008 at 6:59 pm

I’m always so afraid to flirt w/ girls unless I know they are bi or gay. Even then I get very shy. I have to be sure they like me. Ugh I wish I wasn’t so shy! That’s why I need a more agressive girl I guess. Sigh.


just gigi January 9, 2008 at 6:59 pm

yes absolutely miss bliss. and i always give compliments when i see something attractive about a girl, i just don’t always necassarily get to the flirting stage. or like once i met this girl and thought we were flirting and then found out she was straight lol. well i suppose she still could have been flirting but i still think i read the signals wrong. but yeah even if it’s just giving a compliment i always force myself to give one even when i feel shy for that very reason, i think it could make a girls day b/c i know for me it does too! xo, gigi


johnny taxi January 9, 2008 at 7:01 pm

I love to flirt, but too often, it’s to serve my own agenda. I think you’re right, would do better, to flirt for her sake. If you find time check out my Street Story 3, relevent here, I think.


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