“I have been reading this blog for quite some time.  It has helped me come to terms with my sexual identity without feeling ostracized or insane! :)   I salute Bliss Warrior and the other women leading the way with compassion, intelligence, diplomacy and true zest for love and life!!!!  I am 100% real and 100% female and feel that love knows no gender!”


“Miss Bliss, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and for helping me to realize that it’s okay to flirt with everyone. I took your advice one night at a party and now I’m dating two beautiful girls. I’m really enjoying my time with both of them. Thank you again.”


“I cried when I stumbled across your page (from a craigslist posting in London, no less) and spent all night reading every blog available. It’s truly excellent to see you and all of this here. It was heartening to have more proof that women like me really do exist! It’s okay to have grown up a tomboy, playing with G.I. Joes and hanging from trees, start messing around with girlfriends before age 12, still LOVE men (well, one man:), being pretty, and other delicious nonsense like silver star bracelets and new paint-on eyeliner – and still never want to leave the girls behind. Anyway, your topics, etc. made me consider all sorts of questions I’d love to have you answer (and your other readers comment on) but there is no time for that now – I have to finish class work I skipped last night! I just really wanted thank you and let you know that you’ve successfully delighted and encouraged another new girlie.”


“I just wanted to say that I think it’s awesome what you’re doing. I live in a very gay friendly place, but often run into the stigma that bisexuals are just confused. I am not confused about anything and think that you’re wonderful for promoting such a positive and respectful view of our lifestyle.”


“The thing is that there is such a stigma on married bi girls (as you have said yourself!). I haven’t found quite a place to fit in…socially at least. I’ve spent time looking for other bi girls at the local gay clubs but so many lesbian women hear “bi” and think “slut” or “confused”. I’m just overjoyed that there are other women like me, who aren’t necessarily ashamed of their bisexuality more than they are just confused about if/when/how to express it. You’ve really done a service by creating this page and writing blogs. I just want to let you know that if you ever need help, I’m here for you.”


“I just wanted to thank you for the service you’re providing. Until recently I’ve really felt weird being bi. Almost like I just couldn’t make up my mind. I never really felt that my desires were valid. Almost that I was faking, but whenever I tried to commit myself to one side or the other, it didn’t feel right. It’s just so great knowing how many other women are out there who identify themselves as being bi. I just wanted to thank you for really helping me be aware that there’s a community out there.”


“Thank you for doing what you do. I am in Austin and recently met a beautiful, smart, sexy girl thanks to your page. She sent me an invite, we started messaging and finally met for drinks and dancing. It was wonderful. If I get the guts up I may try to set up a brunch here. So nice to be able to talk and be myself. You are an inspiration!”

- W.

“Just thought that I would let you know that you wrote beautifully. I just want to say thank you. I think your style of writing is unique and well-stated so even some of the most taboo subjects are able to be spoken about. I think you are quite informative, as someone who is just finally engaging in a same-sex relationship, it is wonderful to have certain sources such as this to help the ‘entrance in’ much easier.”


Let us know what you think…

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L February 25, 2010 at 8:36 pm

You have inspired me to blog my own attempts at Bliss!


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